OCCUPATIONAL HYGIENE is a set of sciences and technologies that search the prevention and the control of the occupational exposition to the ambient risks. Its action is of character to multidiscipline and its basic objective involves the identification, the study, the evaluations and the management of the chemical, physical and biological risks in the workstations.

HO - OCCUPATIONAL HYGIENE is a thematic site of reference specialized in hygiene at work. It is destined to the occupational, occupational hygienists, engineers, architects, biochemists, chemistries, physicists, technician and all workers.


Carlos Roberto Miranda

Physician Specialist in Occupational Medicine. Master in Community Health (UFBA). Fiscal Auditor of the Work (MTE). Author of the book Introduction to the Health in the Work (Ed. Atheneu, 1998 - 4 ed. e-book, 2006). Publisher of the Digital Enciclopedia Safety and Health in the Work (1 Ed. e-book, 2008).



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